Connection offers our congregation and visitors a variety of activities on Wednesday evenings. We start with dinner at 5:15pm and this evening’s meal will include BBQ chicken, coleslaw, hashbrown casserole, cheddar biscuits and dessert.

We ask that you make a reservation by 10am on Tuesday so that we may prepare for the appropriate number of guests. Likewise, if you have a standing reservation and cannot attend, please let us know. Cost for the meal is $4/adult and $3/youth & children. No family pays more than $12 for the meal.

Following the meal is an opportunity for knitters called the Twisted Stitchers; they will meet at 6 in the Session Room. Youth and children will meet at 6 as well, and all adults are encouraged to attend one of two adult studies at 6:15. Christian will lead a study to include a discussion focusing on some of the difficult and misused passages of scripture. Topics such as biblical support of slavery and prostitution will be discussed, as well as how organizations such as the KKK use scripture to support their cause. Leanne will lead a study on becoming loved in a world full of setbacks and difficult people based on the book Everybody, Always by Bob Goff. During this study we will share stories and struggles with the hope of creating a life where all people experience the love of Christ through us.



Wednesday Connection Dinner Reservations